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china institute of sport science

the press conference of ‘public campaign for 328 exercise and health for all’

date:2017-04-17   |   【】 【】

  to thoroughly implement the ‘healthy china 2030’ planning outline by china’s central party committee and the state council, elephant investment group held the press conference to initiate the ‘public campaign of 328 exercise and health for all’ in beijing international conference centre, supported jointly by china institute of sport science (ciss) and national health qigong administrative centre on march 19th, 2017.

  professor feng lianshi, vice president of ciss, gave a speech in the press conference and pointed out that national fitness promotion has become a national strategy which is in line with the concept of health for all. he further mentioned several problems in the well-recognized national fitness promotion, e.g., lack of sports facilities, lack of exercise time due to modern life and work styles, and lower level of physical literacy. ciss has been devoted to building physical activity guidelines and service systems for the general public. regular physical activity has been substantially confirmed to have abundant health benefits, especially in preventing common chronic diseases. the reason that ciss supports the public campaign for ‘328 exercise and health for all’ is to recommend the concept that everyone should exercise for at least 3 days per week, twice per day, and 8 movements per time.

  along with the initiation of ‘328 exercise concept’ and ‘exercise and health festival’, we are hoping that more and more people could be involved in daily physical activities and enjoy the companion health benefits.


  ciss/ jincheng