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ciss holds the pilot workshop on ‘national fitness public points’

date:2017-04-17   |   【】 【】

  the pilot workshop on ‘national fitness public points’ was hosted by the national centre of sport economy of ciss in beijing on march 21st . bao mingxiao, director of national centre of sport economy, zhang lin, professor of shanghai sport university and other experts of this field attended this workshop.

   using the scientific financial innovation ways and financial leverage to stimulate sports consumption and improving national fitness incentive mechanism, the ‘national fitness public points’ project is a major attempt in china which already made a big success in jiangsu province. until march 17, due to the 12.5 million of sports subsidies, more than 45,000 people of jiangsu province have made sport consumption, which already generated 74.3 million of rmb. meanwhile, the leverage of consumption is close to 1:6 at that point.

  the pilot workshop provided a theoretical and application base for ‘national fitness public points’ project development.

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