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china institute of sport science

ciss establishes integration of exercise and medicine research center

date:2017-05-12   |   【】 【】

  ciss held the inaugural meeting for the new “integration of exercise and medicine research center” on april 11th, 2017. the new research center aims to build a platform for research cooperation to drive the multiple-dimensional integration between physical activity & exercise and medical treatment, which has been outlined by the “healthy china 2030” strategy. prof guo jianjun was elected as the director of the new research center.

  delegates from academic institutions and government departs were invited to attend the meetings and give speeches of congratulations, such as prof fan daiming, the vice president of chinese academy of engineering, and dr li yingchuan, the assistant director of general administration of sport of china.

  ciss has reached strategic cooperation agreements with china’s cdc, chongqing medical university, peking university third hospital, guang’anmen hospital, and capital medical university.


  ciss/ jin cheng