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2017 national youth scientific fitness popularization event in yinchuan

date:2017-05-12   |   【】 【】

  the 2017 national youth scientific fitness popularization event was started in yinchuan tang lai hui middle school baohu campus on april 27th. the event was hosted by the general administration of sport of china and ministry of education of the people’s republic of china, organized by ciss, sports equipment center of general administration of sport of china, ningxia hui autonomous region sports bureau, ningxia hui autonomous region education department, and people’s government of yinchuan.

  under the theme "learning scientific fitness knowledge and developing exercise habit", this event will popularize new exercise concepts and scientific fitness knowledge in youth, so as to guide the young people to establish a healthy lifestyle and develop lifelong physical literacy, which can help them to strength their physical fitness. the program of this event includes scientific fitness lecture, physical fitness surveillance, scientific exercise guidance and sunshine sports shows, while the organizers will also deliver the book of "youth scientific exercise manual" to young students in order to guide them to do exercise scientifically.

  since 2009, the national youth scientific fitness popularization event had been held in 10 provinces annually, which will be held in beijing, jilin, jiangsu, anhui, hubei, hunan, fujian, yunnan, gansu, and ningxia in this year. in addition, beijing, jiangsu, anhui, and hunan will continue to do some pilot experimental works in this year.

  the honored guests awarded the nameplates and presented scientific fitness books to the 10 schools which will hold the youth scientific fitness popularization events in yinchuan at the opening ceremony. nearly 500 students from 4 primary and secondary schools performed some sports shows such as dynamic aerobics, coke ball gymnastics, football group gymnastics, and chinese wushu, etc.


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