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the 8th csss member congress holds in beijing

date:2017-10-20   |   【】 【】

  china sport science society held the 8th member congress in beijing on september 19th, 2017. li yingchuan, vice president of general administration of sport of china (gasc), duan shijie, director general of china sport science society (csss), and song jun, director of academic department of china association for science and technology made speeches at the conference. more than 140 representatives attended the congress.

  on behalf of china association for science and technology, song jun spoke highly of the achievements of csss. he pointed out that csss has been playing an important role on connecting the government and sports researchers, coordinating sports scholars in academic exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, science popularization, and science and technology personnel training. he stated that csss contributes on sport scientific and technological innovation and prospers sport science.

  duan shijie made the council work report on behalf of the 7th council of csss. li yingchuan also made a speech on behalf of the 8th council of csss.

  the congress went through the work report, financial report, and report of article amendments of csss. the congress elected the 8th council, standing council and the first board of supervisors.

  in the party congress of the 8th council of csss was held later, the representatives passed by the list of the party committee of the 8th of csss. during the first meeting of the eighth council of csss, representatives reach a consensus on the appointments of secretary general, academic assistant secretary general and heads of each branch.

  major works have been also discussed during the first meeting of the standing council of csss.


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