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promoting the reforms and developments of sports scientific research

date:2017-11-20   |   【】 【】

  ciss organized all staffs to watch the opening ceremony of 19th cpc national congress on october 18th. zhang liang, president and party secretary of ciss, said:“the report delivered by general secretary xi jinping reflected the historical responsibilities of contemporary cpc communists. the report was full of deep responsibilities for the cpc and our country, and full of deep feelings for chinese people.”


  in the past five years, zhang liang said, ciss has deeply implement the guidance of 18th cpc national congress and general secretary xi jinping’s new concepts, ideas and strategies in governing the country. focusing on the goal of constructing sports power and healthy china, we do efforts to promote the reforms and developments of sports scientific research. with all staffs’ efforts, the achievements of ciss including: undertaken and completed a number of important research projects, organized the national physical fitness surveillance and the survey of the participation in sports, carried out a serious of scientific fitness guidance activities, provided scientific and technological supports to national sports teams in olympic summer and winter games, implemented the national innovation-driven strategy and promoted knowledge transfer.

  zhang liang also mentioned, the most important task of our party life in the next few years is to study and implement the guidance of 19th cpc national congress. all staffs will organize and participant in various forms of learning and discussing seminars, we will put more enthusiasm and passion into the practice of building a socialist modern country in all respects for a new era.

                                                                                                    ciss / li liang