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2017 fitness china tour ending in xiamen

date:2018-01-17   |   【】 【】

  the closing ceremony of “fitness china tour” was held in xiamen on december 9,2017. li yewu, the director of the science and education department of general administration of sport of china, zhang liang, the president of ciss, feng lianshi, the vice-president of ciss and other guests attended the event.“fitness china tour”was sponsored by ciss and national fitness surveillance center. it has held nationwide fitness guidance activities since 2009. the activities were upgraded, which titled “family together”in 2017.

  “fitness china tour ”transformed the science into popular science. through science and technology helping national fitness, popularizing the health lifestyle that included physical detection, scientific evaluation, exercise guidance and health management, it realized the goal of covering the whole process of life cycle and serving the whole process of health, met the overall health of everyone's needs, and was helpful for the whole society to form a healthy attitude and a good atmosphere of healthy life.



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