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china holistic integrative medicine & sport alliance (chimsa) inaugural meeting

date:2018-01-17   |   【】 【】

  the chimsa inaugural meeting was held in china national convention center on december 25, 2017. more than 200 leaders and scholars, including fan daiming, vice president of chinese academy of engineering, liu shu, former vice president of china association for science and technology, zhang yuping, counselor of state council, zhang liang, president of ciss, feng lianshi, vice president of ciss, and zhu yuanli, president of xi'an physical education university attend this meeting.

  the foundation of chimsa is led by ciss, and fan daiming is the honorary chinaman. the alliance integrates the domestic mainstream medical and sports resources in china, and its main objective is to promote the establishment of “healthy china”. it is the first alliance that provides an integrated cooperation platform for the medical system and sports system in china. the establishment of chimsa is the mark for the integration of sport and medicine from strategic planning to substantial development, it will lead a revolution with a core concept of “foster, regimen, pension”.

  the opening ceremony was hosted by feng lianshi, and zhang liang made the opening speech. fan daiming, academician of cae, gave a lecture entitled “the systemic theory and integrated view of medicine”.guo jianjun, secretary-general of chimsa, introduced the new understanding, new theory, and new practice in the integration of medicine and sport. other scholars, including chen shiyi, director of sports medicine center of fudan university huashan hospital, chang qing, president of sports medicine college in chongqing medical university, etc. also shared their opinions related to the integration of sport and medicine.



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