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china institute of sport science

the seminar of exercise therapist training holds in beijing

date:2018-09-20   |   【】 【】

   funded by the hong kong jockey club, the opening ceremony of seminar of exercise therapist training was held at the china institute of sports science(ciss). this seminar was under the guidance of the general administration of sport of china and the china sport science society(csss). feng lianshi, the vice president of the ciss and vice chairman of csss, ren jun, the advisor of the hong kong jockey club domestic sports program, attended the opening ceremony. the ceremony was chaired by zhu li, the vice chairman of csss.

      the successful holding of this seminar was held on the basis of successful training courses for sports therapists in beijing, nanjing and chengdu. feng lianshi said that this seminar will build a team of high-level, professional and skilled lecturers to meet the individualized fitness demand. it is hoped that experts will stand at the forefront of the development of disciplines, combine new medical knowledge and new technologies with new methods and methods of sports, further enrich and improve the training system of exercise therapist in china, and further improve the level of exercise therapist training teams. 50 experts from the sports and medical fields from 11 provinces and cities across the country attended the opening ceremony of the seminar.

  ciss/ zhao dantong