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china institute of sport science

the safety inspection on winter sports venues

date:2019-04-02   |   【】 【】

  in order to ensure the safety of masses to participate in the winter sports, the general administration of sports held the safety working conference for winter sports venues in the beginning of 2019. according to the work deployment, the general office, policy and regulation department, winter sports management center, and china institute of sport science (ciss) established the joint working group and randomly selected 20 ski venues and 10 skating venues to inspect the safety working. the laboratory center of ciss was commissioned to conduct the technical inspection with item-by-item test in accordance with mandatory national standards, including requirements for qualifications of employees, venue facilities, sanitary environment management, safety guarantee systems and measures.

  this inspection would sum up experience, analyze problems, strengthen safety awareness, and provide evidence for revision of relevant standards.


  ciss/ wang jingjing