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2019 national congress on fitness and health

date:2019-08-02   |   【】 【】

  2019 national congress on fitness and health was held from may 29 to 30, 2019, in nanjing. the conference was co-hosted by china sport science society (csss), china institute of sport science(ciss), national physical fitness surveillance center and nanjing sport university, and co-organized by branch of physical fitness and health of csss and jiangsu province sports and health projects collaborative innovation center. the theme of this congress was “sport enhances health & enjoy healthy life”. prominent leaders of opening ceremony including experts from the general administration of sport of china, csss, ciss, chinese center for disease control and prevention, china institute of children and adolescent health, springfield college and nanjing sport university. meanwhile, approximately 350 delegates, including professionals from institute of sport science of each province, research institutes and universities attended the conference

  the congress set 12 parallel sessions. experts from peking university, beijing sport university, beijing normal university, chinese center for disease control and prevention, ciss, nanjing sport university, guizhou institute of sport science delivered their keynote speech in these sessions. a total of 63 oral presentations, 84 mini-oral presentations, and 124 poster presentations were given. following the 2016 national congress on fitness and health, this conference is largest one that comprehensively reflects the advance of research on fitness and health promotion worldwide.


  ciss / wang jingjing