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training course on scientific fitness and health promotion

date:2019-08-02   |   【】 【】

    in order to implement the "two guarantees" poverty alleviation which put forward by general secretary xi jinping and the guiding opinions of the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council on the three-year action to win the strong fight against poverty, ciss and csss held the training course on scientific fitness and health promotion in fanshi and daixian counties of shanxi province from june 17 to 21, 2019.

    yang jievice present of cisszhang fenghaodirector of personal department of cissnie wei and wei lingminthe representatives of general administration of sports of china for poverty alleviationhan hongyingdeputy county magistrate of fanshi countyliu aizhendeputy county magistrate of daixian county attended this activity.

    this activity has further improved the knowledge and service ability of relevant practitioners in fanshi and daixian counties, promoted the scientific fitness literacy of local people, and played a better role in promoting health, preventing poverty and providing impetus for healthy poverty alleviation.


 ciss / dai tenghui