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academic exchange in international olympic academy

date:2016-03-01   |   【】 【】

invited by the international olympic academy, associate professor qiu xue participated the 11th international session for educators and officials of higher institutes of physical education which organized by the international olympic academy on july 10 to 14, 2015,in ancient olympia, greece. the theme of this session was “sport as a tool for sustainability and development”, the experts and scholars from the united states, germany, france, britain, canada, australia and other 30 counties have participated in this session. among them, associate professor qiu xue made a keynote report titled “the relation between the urbanization and city sport”.

the international olympic academy was founded in 1961.the aim of the academy was to create an international cultural center in olympia, to preserve and spread the olympic spirit, study and implement the educational and social principles of olympism and consolidate the scientific basis of the olympic ideal, in conformity with the principles laid down by the ancient greeks and the revisers of the contemporary olympic movement, through baron pierre de coubertin's initiative. during the 50 years, the international olympic academy has organized the olympic training for 30000 students for 100 countries.