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china institute of sport science

ciss holds the lecture of ‘science and technology in olympic games’

date:2017-04-17   |   【】 【】

  invited by ciss, dr. matthew spencer of norwegian school of sport science gave a lecture titled ‘science and technology in olympic games’ during the visit on march 26th in ciss. dr. spencer is a professor of physical performance department of norwegian school of sport science, who served as science director in norwegian national female handball team and australian national male hockey team. the ciss president zhang liang, vice president feng lianshi and mr. liu aijie of competition and training department of the general administration of sport of china joined the lecture.

  dr. spencer stated that the latest science and technology used on elite athletes in norway and gave examples of winter games and handball. the researchers of competitive sport research center and exercise biology research center raised their questions and shared their research findings with dr. spencer.

  mr. liu aijie suggested that the sport researchers should fully devote themselves on the preparation of the 2022 winter olympic games and 2020 tokyo olympic games.

  our president zhang liang appreciated dr. spencer’s and mr. liu aijie for coming, and encouraged all researchers in ciss to do their best on the preparation of the olympic games and contribution on science & technology of sport.

ciss/ xia yu