ciss holds the conference of sino-4234棋牌开元官网

china institute of sport science

ciss holds the conference of sino-japanese national physical fitness cooperation

date:2017-05-12   |   【】 【】

  the conference of sino-japanese national physical fitness was held successfully in our institute on april 19 to 23, 2017. feng lianshi, vice president of our institute, met experts and scholars from japan sports association. experts and scholars from mass sport research center, juntendo university of japan, jiangsu institute of sport science, guizhou institute of sport science and inner mongolia physical fitness surveillance center attended the conference.

  feng lianshi pointed out both chinese and japanese governments were paid high attention to build up people's health. chinese government has formulated and implemented many policies and strategies to enhance national physical fitness and health condition. feng emphasized the significance of sino-japanese national cooperation and hoped that this conference would become a good opportunity to lay the foundation of sino-japanese national physical fitness development and would further promote the bilateral research and cooperation.

  zhang yanfeng, vice director of mass sport research center, presided over the meeting. wang mei, director of mass sport research center, gave an introduction of the history of sino-japanese national physical fitness communication and cooperation and emphasized that this conference was not only a good opportunity to discuss both sides’ interested issues but also a good platform to contribute the further cooperation.

  the conference proceeded in a harmonious atmosphere. the conference laid the foundation of enhancing both countries’ research level and contributed to the development of chinese national physical fitness research.

  ciss/ wu sa