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the 5th international congress on sport sciences researchand technology support (icsports 2017) in portugal

date:2017-12-11   |   【】 【】

  by the invitation of the institute for systems and technologies of information, control and communication (insticc), zhang yanfeng, vice director of mass sport research center, and research associate wu dongming, attended the 5th icsports in portugal from october 29 to november 2, 2017.

  the 5th icsports was co-hosted by the insticc, complutense university of madrid, and madeira interactive technologies institute. focus on the hot issues of sports development and the latest research findings in various areas, six keynote lectures and 50 oral presentation sessions and three poster presentation sessions were set up in this congress.

  associate professor zhang yanfeng and research associate wu dongming reported their research works entitled “the effect of exercise and diet interventions on primary hypertension patient” and “analysis on the current situation of leisure time screen behavior in different working conditions and family relation in china”, respectively. they also discussed some interesting topics including health promotion and exercise prescription, the application of computer technology in scientific fitness, and the assessment of healthy skills in middle-aged and elderly people with other researchers.

  during the congress, zhang yangfeng and wu dongming also held a meeting with mr. fonseca from macao sports bureau, and professor alexander bernardino and dr. josue from the college of health industry and medical management in the university of lisboa. they discussed some important research topics in mass sports research, and preliminary reached the theme of the meeting in macao in 2018, some cooperation works will be carried out in the future by focusing on the fitness or physical activity in a certain population.


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