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the sino-japan meeting on “national physique, sports ability & living habits” holds in tokyo

date:2018-04-24   |   【】 【】

  the sino-japan meeting on “national physique, sports ability & living habits”was held in tokyo from march 11 to 15, 2018. professor zhang yanfeng,laboratory assistant ye jin of ciss, associate professor gan  chunlong of guizhou institute of sport science,the representative of japan sports association, professor naito kurumada of juntendo university, professor harusu akiaki of gifu university and other researchers of japan attended the conference. aimed at strengthening cooperation and exchanges between the two countries, the theme of this conference was national physique between china and japan.

  the two sides had conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the previous cooperative research contents and the frontier scientific research achievements of the two countries. this meeting strengthened the cooperation and communication between the two countries and achieved the expected goal. it laid an important foundation for improving the national physique level of the two countries.

ciss / dai tenghui