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china institute of sport science
brief introduction

  the china institute of sport science(ciss)was founded in 1958, is a national multi-disciplinary non-profit research institute directly under the general administration of sport of china, which reserved and developed with the approval of ministry of science and technology of the people’s republic of china.

  the aims of ciss are leading and promoting the development of science and technology of sport in china, focusing on major scientific and technological issues in international frontier and future trend, and conducting the basic and applied researches in the fields of national fitness surveillance and fitness methods, elite athletes’ competitive abilities, sport policies and strategies, sport engineering and technology, so as to provide scientific and technological supports and services for the sustainable development and international competitiveness on mass sport, competitive sport and sport industry of our country.

  the duties of ciss are carrying out researches on mass sport, competitive sport, sport sociology and sport engineering, conducting degree education, training and eligibility assessment of talents, publishing journals such as china sport science and china sport science and technology and other sport science publications, promoting the application and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, undertaking the routine work of china sport science society, organizing the publicity of sport science, etc.

  ciss has seven research centers and one integrated test & experimental center. the research centers including mass sport research center, competitive sport research center, exercise biology research center, physical social science research center, sport engineering research center, sport health & rehabilitation research center and youth sport research & development center. apart from that, two of the key laboratories of the general administration of sport of china - sport training monitoring laboratory and sport psychology laboratory are also belonged to ciss.

  the national fitness surveillance center, secretariat of china sport science society,and branches including fitness, sport biomechanics, physiology and biochemistry, sport instrument and equipment of china sport science society are affiliated to ciss. two top academic sport journals china sport science and china sport science and technology are also edited and published by ciss.

  ciss has 112 staff members, 3 were nominated as national candidates for new century talents project, 1 was received as young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 6 were titled as high-tech talents recognized by general administration of sport of china, 10 were selected as a hundred talents training program by general administration of sport of china, and 53 were awarded as senior researchers. so far, 43 of them were ranked as the special government allowances of the state council.

  ciss actively involves the academic exchange and cooperation domestically and internationally,the institutions including europe (germany, austria, belarus, uk, russia), america (the us, uruguay, cuba), asia (japan, korea, singapore), oceania (australia) and africa (south africa) have established the friendly relationship with ciss.

  ciss has authority over master degrees including sport training, human movement science, sport humanities and sociology, and sport medicine. up to now, over 200 students have graduated from ciss with doctoral and master’s degree.

  in the past 50 years, basic and applied researches have taken on enhance people’s physical fitness and improve the level of competitive sport in a comprehensive and multiple ways. as a result, 356 projects have been accredited above the ministerial level, 339 of which were led by ciss and its researchers. the national awards of ciss including:

  award for scientific and technological achievements at national science congress in 1978 (7 awards)

  national science and technology advancement (6 second and 5 third awards)

  invention awards by state scientific and technology commission and the commission of science, technology and industry for national defense of the prc (twice)

  scientific and technology achievement awards by state physical culture and sport commission (gasc, later reorganized as general administrative of sport of china)

  scientific and technology advancement awards (11 first prizes, 34 second prizes, 59 third prizes and 51 fourth prizes)

  social sciences awards (seven)

  scientific research breakthroughs and scientific and technological services awards for the olympics (21 first prizes, 22 second prizes and 59 third prizes)

  science and technology progress awards by china sport science society (9 first prizes, 13 second prizes and 14 third prizes)

  the international awards of ciss including: distinguished thesis prize by american academy of orthopedic surgeons, distinguished thesis prize for young scholars at the 8th international conference on sport biochemistry and international olympic committee president’s nomination of sport science award and best poster prize at 27th fims world sport medicine conference, etc.