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sports health and rehabilitation research center

date:2015-10-15   |   【】 【】

the center focuses on research and provides scientific services in terms of medical supervision, nutrition supply, rehabilitation and disease prevention for chinese elite athletes to prepare for the olympic games and other major international competitions; conducts the applied research on sports medicine in regard to health problems for athletes and the mass; and carries out the basic and applied research on the key and on-the-edge issues in the field.

the research is oriented to the medical supervision in athletes training and competition, pathogenesis of exercise-induced arrhythmia, risk prevention and control of sports injuries; pathology of exercise-induced micro cardiac injury; exercise-induced muscular enthesiopathy and repair, early warning measures of exercise-induced cardiovascular accidents, rehabilitation evaluation of sports injury, mechanism and diagnosis of central fatigue, female athletes development and health management; exercise intervention of diabetes and other chronic diseases, and biological mechanism of exercise intervention and the health effect.

the center, by effectively integrating athletes’ medical supervision, nutrition supply, physical recovery and injury rehabilitation, establishes a system running for athlete’s health and rehabilitation, which plays a positive role in improving the exercise training and monitoring level of our country. “research on pathogenesis of exercise-induced arrhythmia”, “establishment of relevant gene diagnosis method of exercise-induced cardiovascular accidents”, “research on molecular genetics of excellent athletic ability and establishment of screening and diagnosis method of relevant gene markers” and other applied basic research reveal the electrophysiological mechanism of exercise-induced arrhythmia and gene marker of excellent athletic ability, and establishes the gene chip for diagnosing exercise-induced sudden death. in terms of public health promotion, the center has conducted effective work in science popularization and empirical research to help the mass prevent modern civilization diseases, develop the healthy life style and improve the health level. meanwhile, the center has obtained big progress in lab research of rapid detection and diagnosis of medical problems related to physical activities, histopathologic diagnosis of sports injury, and cytodiagnosis of exercise-induced micro damage, promoting the laboratory construction in sport medicine and development of related disciplines.