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effects of protein addition to carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions on post-exercise rehydration
文章来源: | 发布时间:2016-01-28 |

作者:li, l., wong, s.h., sun, f.h.


刊物名称:journal of exercise science & fitness


卷:13  期:1  页码:8-15


background/objective: this study aimed to examine the effects of the addition of whey or casein protein, the two major proteins in milk, to carbohydrate-electrolyte (ce) solutions on postexercise rehydration.

methods: ten young men aged 20.7 ± 1.4 years with an average vo2max of 60.7 ml/kg/min ran for 60 minutes at 65% vo2max on three occasions followed by 4 hours' recovery. during recovery, the participants consumed either ce solution with 66 g/l carbohydrate (cho), or ce plus whey protein solution (cw trial, 44 g/l cho, 22 g/l whey), or ce plus casein protein solution (cc trial, 44 g/l cho, 22 g/l casein); the solutions were matched for energy and electrolyte content.

results: the participants lost 2.36 ± 0.32% of their pre-exercise body weight after the exercise. total urine output after recovery was greater in the ce and cc trials than cw trial (ce vs. cw vs. cc: 1184 ± 378 ml vs. 1005 ± 214 ml vs. 1256 ± 413 ml; p < 0.05). fluid retention after ingestion of cw solution was greater than ce and cc solutions (ce vs. cw vs. cc: 46.9 ± 16.5% vs. 54.9 ± 9.2% vs. 45.8 ± 17.3%; p < 0.05). lower urine specific gravity and urine osmolality were observed by the end of recovery in the ce trial compared with cw trial ( p < 0.05). no difference was found in the changes in plasma volume in all trials.

conclusion: these results suggest that during the 4 hours' recovery after a 60-minute run, the cw solution was more effective for rehydration compared with the ce or cc solution.


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